An old, big dilemma: The rp_subtransit reactor. How do we blow it up?

IF what Black Phoenix was saying is true, the reactor in rp_subtransit can be destroyed. I assume using a code of some sorts on the combine’s console in the reactor room.

Now this is coming at a bizarre time, "Why, Faggotcracked, have you asked us a question from a map 5 years ago? Well, you see, I have been curious to what it looks like. And, to be quite honest, I’m very sure no-one else in the entire history of GMod has detonated the core. I doubt there is even a console command for it, that’s how hard it is to get in there, and equally the anti-noclip train memorial room (which can be bypassed just by simply getting a camera, no-colliding it to all entities, and just reading the text).

So, my main question is, how do we destroy this god damn reactor?

Currently if you download the map the reactor core will show up as an error. Whether the ‘black hole’ download is still working is beyond me, as I have not tried, nor do I know if I require it.

Apologies if this belongs in the Help & Support section, but nothing in there really gets attention nowadays.

I’m missing something here. Cores? Black holes? I thought rp_subtransit was a simple train map.

How many other secrets have gone over my head like that? Or is this something very obvious that I’ve missed somehow.

Hopefully this is what you were talking about… if not ignore this post.

On the Game Banana Download Page it tells a bit about the map and the code for the door, even includes a download link if you are missing the core model.

There are a few hints to the code, its a math equation

Of course if you don’t feel like cracking it there is another way to start it, just be sure you have sv_cheats enabled.

This should open the door

ent_fire bp_door1 open

Once your in type the following in order

ent_fire overridepower enable
ent_fire overridepower trigger

That seems to start the sounds and effects… not sure if there is an explosion … I may be doing it wrong


As for the Train memorial, just type

ent_fire trigger_me_to_enter disable 

That should remove the trigger that teleports you back out allowing you to look around freely… As for the door into the memorial… not sure if that opens … maybe a script to unlock the door would do… or just remove it with the remover tool.


You have answered my 5 year old question.

Now I may rest in piece…

…s inside the damn reactor

Code is [sp]2419[/sp]

Just solve x = [sp]sqrt(5851561)[/sp]