an old fisherman bleeds out on the sidewalk
c&c as always

Wow, I never thought his blood can be so cartoony.

well how can i improve then

did i say darker

the bullet wound is dark enough right?

No it has to be almost black

The blood looks pasted on (I know it is)

i will try again

The blood looks like a giant wound, with a hole like that he’s supposed to bleed like fuck…

Darken the blood, change the wound (make a very dark and small hole, and a big bloody splatter all around with very low opacity so it looks like the blood slowly impregnated the clothes), and be sure there isn’t any perspective problem (the bloodshed on the background is supposed to be on the wall, but it’s actually over the guy’s arm, and the wound is also supposed to be under the arm, not over it).

Also, there is clipping on the hand, and when you are touched somewhere you are supposed to cover the wound.

Hand clipping.

Not bad, just go easier on the blood’s blur on the guy’s body.

You need to change the depth of the blood, right now it just looks like you pasted it directly on without changing the depth of the blood at all.