An old Joker model that I never found again

A while ago there was a joker model released, it was very obscure but had a thread, it had a full purple coat and custom model, the coat was reflective, they put it on but it got reported and deleted, he later uploaded it to filefront, and I never saw it again after that.
Does any one still have it and can upload it?


Wrong one


Of course searched, I’m not that stupid.

s-low had to joker models on his site one was based on the cartoon version of him but appearently he took his older stuff down

I know what your talking about. He came with some joker cards right? I used to have him

Scratch PMing the author, I did

Right here!

Aw fuck the link is dead. (The download link to the thread I just linked)

I have it, but I’ll have to really dig through my GMOD files to get it.

Ok, got it right here:

problem…missing txt i dont’know
way but a llink for the txt is not bad


problem no texture
someone can do the texture