An old pic of a combine I took (No it isn't just an NPC)

I made this before I read the rules for screenshot posting so don’t flame me for gm_construct. At the time I was just sort of bored and I thought I’d make a quick picture.

I know gman is a bit to far into the shadow, the right combine is positioned weird because he is under a mind trick (yay for cheap star wars reference!) and the light is shining through the wall.

Not to mention there isn’t much humor and no editing whatsoever.
Anyway C&C Don’t just say it sucks and all that. :smiley:
This isn’t my best posing but its pretty good IMO.

Once again please don’t flame me for construct. I don’t use construct for any pictures anymore.

I almost forgot this is also my profile picture! :smiley:

Heh…well, it’s a kinda funny…posing isn’t all that good…yeah…this is probably one of them that should go in the “want to upload a picture but don’t want to make a new thread” thing, idk, im not very good, im editing a picture,i’ll see if i can call myself decent on how people like it, but anyways, off topic, it’s a good idea

I actually thought it was funny, but maybe using it as your profile pic is not the best idea. It doesn’t look very good. You should take part of it and use that, not the whole picture.

Star Wars reference.

Oh, really?

Oh it’s like I’ve gone through a blackhole and popped out in 2006.


In before “how would you know?”