An old, simple SENT that's disappeared

I remember a long time ago there was a simple SENT called “Boost Ring”.
As far as I know, it was either a PHX ring or a Stargate that, when you walked/jumped/fell through it, func_push’d you or something similar, resulting in a catapult-like effect.
If you went up and +use’d it, it would spawn another one a little ways away, making a kind of boost-tube.

So if anyone’s seen this SENT anywhere, I would be ever so appreciative of your help.

That would be AWESOME! Did it work on props?

It worked on props, sents, Npcs (To an extent-They would bounce hilariously), and cars, if you could line it up.
I lost it and never found it again. D:

try to learn lua, this honestly wouldn’t take much more then two weeks of lua knowledge.

I’m working my way up. Taking a Qbasic currently, C++ next semester. Lua will come. But I really wasn’t hoping to wait six months if someone had an upload of it somewhere.

Lua’s pretty easy to learn. I was having trouble learning PHP but Lua seems fine for me. :smile: