An OMON sniper team watches its target.

No editting except for ingame colour adjusting.
Yay for low quality radio.
Fucking jpeg_quality 90


I like your posing.

Erm… Right no, I don’t know if I should correct you or let you do your own research.

Anyway, the posing is decent, there a few snidbits that could be corrected. The picture being small doesn’t really help the factor.

Sorry Im late, were did you get the models?

You daft tit

i, too, enjoy three-week loading times for a single image

You made me lol so hard.

Is that a glass eye?

How is this dumb?

because a full quality JPEG is the exact same as a PNG, minus filesize and loading times

Oh. My apologies then. v:v:v

Open your eyes and look in the releases section.

Reminds me of the trailer for Batman Arkham City.