An on Attack on Titan based Gamemode, anyone interested ?

I weren’t entirely certain in what category to post this but since I don’t even have real concept I decided to put this in General Discussion

A few months ago I started to learn how to use Blender and somehow ended up making some Attack on Titan based Model and those ended up becoming this
The next logical step (well atleast for me) was to try making a Gamemode, I mean what more then just not releasing it could happen anyways.
At first I tried making some Titan NPCs which ended with pretty much nothing.
so I decided why dont just make a simple PVP mode Humans (with my 3DGear Swep) VS Titans (bigger scaled Players with basicly just a Melee weapon)
and that was what I made…
until a thought struck me “Is this even fun ? propably not, na now that I think about it I’m pretty sure this wont be a lot of fun…”

and now I thought why dont just take some input from other people ?
and is there any interest in an Attack on Titan based gamemode anyways ?

making one model, and then coding an entire gamemode (decently) are on completely different levels. If its a truly well built gamemode that is FUN, then im sure it will generate interest. Otherwise, it will be tossed aside and forgotten. That being said, it takes a lot more time and work to make an entire gamemode than many people think.

No offense, but your models really aren’t that great. There’s already somebody making this gamemode too , somebody commissioned one of my friend to make some models for it.