An original RP idea

At least, I think it’s original, never seen it before.

Anyway, imagine a small utopia within a post apocalyptic world. As a citizen/survivor, you’ve just arrived at the entrance to the city, a floating city more importantly, which survived the apocalypse.

Anyway, this city is bright, and portal-themed. Of course, it has an underbelly of crime, in style of the back-sides of the later portal campaign.

It’s all inspired by a friends map on another project, and it’s literally a very basic idea, I need to develop it further to see anything of it.

However, I just want your thoughts on the initial idea, possibly ideas of your own etc. If this were to happen, I’d be creating it from scratch, rather than using another RP base.


  • Build system, integrated with skill system, like PERP had but with a lot more items
  • Some sort of saving system for your items in your house. Houses/rooms come plain with very few items inside, any items you add would either be automatically saved in position, or deleted and stored in your personal storage container when you leave the server
  • Jobs?:
  • Instead of one mayor, which can lead to abuse, perhaps two or three ‘leaders’ who have to agree on stuff to make it happen? Or just one voted in, as per usual RP
  • Scientist? - medic basically, but gains access to some ‘experimental’ devices
  • unemployed, obviously
  • I want people with jobs to actually have something to do rather than walk around waiting for their pay
  • Traders/NPC’s:
  • drug dealer
  • medical supplies
  • household supplies

Anyway, that’s all I can think of right now, I’d appreciate your thoughts as to whether it’s worth doing or not, thanks!

Sounds good, but don’t use the word Jobs, it will make it sound like DarkRP.

Are you the old fizzadar?

Original? Pfft, the three leaders gave it away. Cough Mass Effect…

Hello there sir, welcome to Post Apocalyptic Household Supplies! We have got everything you need! Special Promotion! All our products now come with FREE RADIATION! That’s right FREE RADIATION! Get your free isotopes along with our wide range of products! Come to Post Apocalyptic Household Supplies, somewhere in the desert!

Free radiation? Hmm, that would taste good for my mutations, sign me up!

Mutations could be possible… Maybe scientists can create/sell them?

Also, I’m the original Fizzadar that made ZW if that’s who you mean @ above poster.

I was considering making just one last gMod gamemode, but I’m kind of over zombies, for now anyway, hence this random idea.

More opinions/ideas would be appreciated!


One thing I’d like is a club, with a DJ set playing out constantly. Just like a social place for people to trade.

In fact, possibly some kind of sims-style stats? Like, you can’t just work work work, you have to keep your ‘fun’ stat above a certain amount or you’ll loose productivity. Same with hunger and stuff, it would make things like food more important in the RP.

Club would obviously increase fun, and allow you to socialize. And possibly work, as a drug dealer… etc. Club would be part of the seedy-hidden underworld, obviously.

cough The Roman Republic’s triumvirate.