An Orihime Inoue Ragdoll Request

Could someone please make an Orihime Inoue ragdoll, which I want it to be wearing Orihime’s school uniform in the picture above, and give me the download link to it please.

Quick word of advise before the incoming shitstorm, if you make requests for anime models most likely you’ll get massively flamed.

Oh ok, but what exactly does “getting flamed” mean?

It means you get hateful and hostile messages on a thread. Flaming on the model/requests section usually happens when it involves Anime/Manga or My Little Pony.

Oh ok, so how can I prevent this from happening on this thread then?

You can’t, the only thing you can do to prevent this from happening to any other model request threads is to NOT post any related to Anime/Manga or My Little Pony. But it is already probably to late to do anything about it, sorry.

oh, but what if I posted on this thread for people to not post any hateful and hostile on this thread?

That won’t work, either way your request won’t get done once it gets flamed, sorry.

Personally, Orihime annoys me…Bleach in general annoys me. However, I would still like models for it.

Perhaps the Heat the Soul series has the model you would like?

Although I have no idea if you can take models from a PsP.

It’s ok you don’t have to get it because I think I don’t want it anyone. Is that ok with you LongJohnKiller?