An ornate cross - pretty easy request

That’s it. Just a metal ornate cross for a machinima I’m making. Preferably one that can fit in one hand. It’s really simple, it doesn’t even need to be all that good.

If that fails, just an ordinary one can do.



This is shockingly easy, gentlemen. I wouldn’t mind if what just a flat texture slathered over a shitty model. It’s supposed to be a funny machinma.

There were quite a few crosses in Age Of Chivalry.
You can easily use prop resizer on them.

Is there a pack for those on

Why would there be a pack of ornate crosses from a source mod in I don’t think they are the latest fashion among posers and alike.

I kind of need it, dude. I only need one anyway. I thought that was why this thread was called “requests”.