An outpost of survivors

Not too much, I just wanted to pose…C&C, There would be some dead zombies but like the dumb-ass that I am I broke them… ^.^

Why is that guy have like full snow suit gear on inside

It looks aright, but the guy in ski gear seems out of place. (As ninja’d ^)

The house is really cold! :smiley:

Cold enough to wear a snow suit.

looks like the snow guy has a bottle of lotion er something, why isn’t the guy resting against the boxes on the ground “oh yay im wiped out from staying alive, i think i hold myself just above the ground”

I kinda based his position off myself I never touch the ground, I always lean high enough to hold myself up…forgot I’m weird >.<

Because when there is a zombie invasion you must wear more fitting clothes!

zombies can’t bite through snow suits

The two not in the snow suits don’t look like survivors any more.