An RP Gamemode that doesn't require Counter Strike Source

My friend has just purchased GMOD, however he doesn’t have Counter Strike Source, and the only reason he bought GMOD was for the Roleplaying.He and I have tried some Google searching and searching around on Facepunch, but I haven’t been able to find an RP Gamemode that doesn’t require CSS. Is there such a thing?

only bought it for roleplaying ahahahaha

Why not just extract your cache and upload it for him

Because that’s illegal

its only illegal if they catch you

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Or, in this case, if someone reports you for warez.


And it wouldn’t work anyway.

All he needs is the model, if you edit the weapon files to be a custom model, hazaa!

Yes, GmodRP only uses HL2 models, but its owner hasn’t been working on it.

My gamemode doesn’t need any CS:S models.

But it doesn’t have any entities yet anyway :slight_smile:

If your making your own server just replace all the counter strike source weapons…

Non Illigal -
Download Slayers Server installer DL CS:S server go into server dir grab models and materials and shit and send it to him… PROBLEM SOLVED.

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Getting models from another game without paying or permission, ILLEGAL. Idiot…

You could always go on FPS banana and get some custom skins that you like to use in-place of the weapon models.

Thats what I did back when I didn’t had CSS.

Can’t you get gmod bundled with CSS? Tell him he should think of getting CSS regardless, it’s fun.

That’s a pretty smart idea right there. Or as others said if it’s a server you guys are making you can simply remove CSS weaopons and replace them by Half Life 2 and custom ones.