An SAS Operative Chops a Zombie in Half

derp comment and stuff

Pretty dark with quite a bit of contrast. It’s hard to make out details.

Why the hell does he have a sword?

I would bring a sword if there was a zombie apocalypse.


Along with a couple of machine guns and bazookas.

he brought it with him for situations like these

it seems every one used this after I made my pose

Seriously? and you say my poses suck dick dude? Really this is bad, bad editing, bad posing, the works,

His posture in the second picture is really unnatural and unbalanced looking, everything is too low contrast and dark, and to worsen it there’s a fuckload of blur in the second picture.

Also why is he dropping his pistol whilist cutting the zombie

out of ammo

look this was just shameless self promotion for that sword i released in the models section


seriously shut the fuck up your poses suck tremendously, and let’s not even begin on your “editing” if you can even call your crappy brush/filter crap in gimp that


and would you care to tell me what’s so horrible about the posing

pfff dude cmon its the rage these days sas have plastic swords!

Then why did you post it?

Cause the SAS are trained for EVERYTHING, that includes zombie slaying with swords.