An SAS raising his hand while sitting in the forest. (Scenebuild)

First scene build I’ve ever done.

Proof of the build.

Scenebuild is okay.

The grass lagged me so I tried to keep it small.

olol not every forest has these cliffs

The pose is bad, scenebuild is decent.

hi guys i am a special air service

Anyway, as has been said, the scene’s nice but the posing’s pretty bad. It looks like his arse is hovering above the rock.

To be truly honest, I fucked up and didn’t notice his hand was floating at the angle I was going to take it, but it showed some flatgrass and looked bad, so I switched angles and didn’t notice his hand was floating. When I went back to correct it, the file was corrupt. :confused:

but hes not raising his hand

How is everyone making that grass?

Scenebuild is great, almost looked like a new map. As for the pose, it’s horrible.

sas dude floating above the rock
scene build is really bland, lacks foliage details.

Raising his hand? More like sitting.