An Un-Smoother plugin for MS3D

Now, ive searched high and low and all over google for this and I cant find it.

What im talking about is a plugin that does the opposite of “Smooth Edges” instead making the model more… Low-Poly. Do any of you kids have any tool/s that do this?

Errm, I am not much of a pro…

Or modeler period, but I do recall seeing something like that in zbrush.

I believe that only works if you smoothed it first.

Well if it’s already highpoly… Smooth that… And… Errm…

D: HE DID IT! flees

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There’s a max modifier called vertex weld and it’s kind of like a really shitty way of doing that.

Optimise :smiley:

Be wise, optimize!

: - / Whats that.

Multi-res… they’re all shit, nothing beats manual labour when optimising your models

The best way is really to do it yourself. What I don’t understand is how you managed to make it so smooth in the first place; that may be an error on your part because ideally modelers start off with something really simple and gradually extrude, cut, connect to increase the complexity so there’s no need to unsmooth it.

Optimize is messy; if you know what you’re doing, do it yourself.

This is an SMD I imported myself so I didnt smooth groups or any of that shit.

Are you confusing geometry smoothing with smoothing groups? You’re going to have to post some screenshots because language has failed.

Use the dx mesh tool in the tools tab, you can increase polys by clicking on the buttons on top of the tool’s menu, and lower poly with the tool’s slider bar