An Unexpected Visitor

My partner and I logged into Rust today, and we began building up a new base. Shortly after, we have an unexpected visitor. We ended up getting both of our asses kicked, my partner didn’t take it too lightly, and he quit the game. This was sort of a little outtake video. It wasn’t planned, and was just some leftover footage I had on my computer. I decided to upload it, because I thought it was quite humorous, and my five viewers may enjoy it.

Wow your “friend” is a prick. How can you play with that?

I have to say… yes your friend is the angriest douche ever to be recorded on this ‘game’…

But he had a point… you loot all that gear then stand there building wooden walls? And you actually type in chat whilst looting?? At one point you went outside where you KNEW the dude was hanging around and you stopped to type to him in chat?

And perhaps armour and health kits would be an idea…

But nice video!

That Pew Pew guy is a hacker…

pewpew is a known aimbot, I’ve been killed by him before from across the map with a pistol.

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Also, what do you use to record ?

You have retarded friends… But like tripper said why would you “cancel” your looting just to respond to him ? and you started finishing your base just after you killed a kev ?

So much rage, your friend needs to do yoga or something.

Your friend is garbage. Funny video though, thanks for the post.

Wow, that guy you’re talking to really is a piece of shit.

It must suck getting that angry over a video game. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I was that kid’s dad… he would receive a swift backhand followed by a heaping helping of a bar of soap. hahaha…

I use SimpleScreenRecorder on Linux Mint 17.

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Yeah, I should have ran inside a lot faster, dropped off the loot, and went back out to finish the base. My goal was to close off the base before he came back and finished it for me. We were the only three people on the server (I believe it was around 4am), and I didn’t believe he’d come back that quickly.

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I don’t have anyone else to play the game with.

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Anyway, later that day while I was offline, Pew Pew raided our base while my friend was online. My friend said he “let” Pew Pew raid our base, and it was my fault we were raided. After arguing over Facebook for about half an hour, telling him I didn’t care that we were raided, and to stop bitching to me about it, he finally blocked me. I don’t think I’ll be playing Rust with him anymore. Need to start looking for a new buddy to play with.

Your friend is an absolute asshole. Don’t play with him.

he’s acting like an entitled asshole, no loss there. beside which, he died every time, what the hell does he have to whinge about?

just realized i should clarify i mean the whinging “friend” on the other side of that voice chat;D Pew is a dickhead, but not a whinger that i’ve seen;)

Pew Pew is a known hacker. He goes from server to server doing this shit, and has for months.

Hackers suck at video games. Assholes suck at life.

Hmm, yeah, Pew Pew.

Hip shots is also most known as hax. When they take aimbot off your head.

And those 2 heads in the start is crazy, so hax.

I’m thinking about uploading more videos, and possibly starting up a real channel.

I once lost 87+ metal foundations due to a smoke break during the night, forgetting I had them on my inventory (was building this big ass Chinese wall) I went out scouting & ofcourse I got killed.

I feel ya’ pain bro! :v:

I’m not mad about any losses, but my friend didn’t take it so lightly. I usually tend to stay pretty mellow.