An Unfortunate Request for Baudelaire Orphan Models

Quagmire is a word that not only gives the last name to a prominent family in a secret organization, but also is a term for a situation that is rather difficult to get out of. The situation of a single thread regarding models for Source engine games, throwing model requests, releases, and other topics of relation, could be said to be an example of a quagmire. In spite of this current state of affairs, I see it as worth the effort to try to attempt to provide a request, and hope for it to be heard by the right people.

As someone who has spent much time in younger periods of my life devoted to the sad chronicle of the lives of the three misfortunate Baudelaire children, it would be of great pleasure for me to utilize models made for the video-game tie-ins to the series’s one feature film to bring these three orphans (Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire), and perhaps other characters in their dismal lifes, like the well-meaning but unhelpful Mr. Poe, or the evil, greedy, cunning villian Count Olaf, into the realm of Garry’s Mod, for better or worse.

From a discussion I read about trying to get a model made of a character that the actress that played Violet Baudelaire in the movie, the models from these games are floating around on the internet in some place or another. If a locaiton for these models could be found, it would be highly appreciated that a way to rig them into ragdolls of sufficient standards (decent physics, faceposing, fingerposing).

If this request cannot be completed, disappointment will be had, but perhaps it could be for the best. After all, no one wants to be reminded of such a story of misery and woe such as that of the Baudelaires’s. Maybe it would be better to be reminded of a more joyful story of happy little elves or pleasant parties with pretty little poni-hears angry shouting and runs off

I support. I like the thread title.

Did you sit there the whole time trying to come up with that post?

I am very confused.

It is amazing what grimdark, macabre BS can run through your mind after reading the works of Lemony Snicket, and for how long said grimdark, macabre BS can persist in said mind.

In short, he basically tried to be like the author of the book series of terms of language etc.

But after reading all the books, I still don’t understand a majority of the stuff in the op. I’m just going to assume he wants models of the triplets or something?

As far as I can deduce, that’s the OP’s intent.

Basically, I’m hoping for a port of video game models of the Baudelaires, yeah.