An UnKnown Moment - Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day. I decided to start a series of holiday shorts starring characters from my UnKnown Moments series. This is the first one. I figured that you guys will get a laugh out of it, so here you go. You’ll probably have to watch the first two “UnKnown Moments” videos in order to fully understand this short.


That was pretty random :v:

You could have used some better weapons models, just a nitpick however.

Funny though.

When I saw the knife in her head, I thought she looked very familiar.

It was funny, and the end was unexpected.

Wow. Well made. Nice stop-motion and camera shaking effects. When I watch GMOD movies it’s always nice to see them well made. I get sick of those shitty movies. Loved it when she got blasted. Love Lonely too. I admire this for the smoothness and hard work. I don’t watch GMOD movies to laugh.

I laughed HARD. good short. good stuff as always CaleB. :slight_smile:

Ahahahahahah, I really didn’t see that coming.

I hope you continue the Unknown Moment - series sometime. It was pure gold from the beginning


Ah Caleb, I can see your work hasn’t changed. :v:
Love it.

Lol’d, a bit.


Nah, nah I just giggled.