An Unlikely Duo Fighting an Unlikely Battle


The zombies are so screwed against the super overpowered mp40. In some way i feel sorry for them. Nice picture.

not really its a 9mm. but anyways nice models,posings good too

These guys are so fucked.

If you played waw you’ll understand that this 9mm smg is like the most powerfull gun in the game. Even the B.A.R isn’t that powerfull, wannable realism. Treyarch i hate you.

a bit blurry
but nice models and pic

I really dont care if you hate me or not so lets not flame and get into arguments about guns


The zombies all look funky with their mouthes open, nice posing, little dark. But the darkness fits the genre.


Even so MP40 does shit against those Zombies.

Nice one Halfy.