An unmounted .50 Caliber M2

Anyone who has downloaded the Left 4 Dead 2 Model pack will notice that there is a Browning M2 machine gun included. However, the model is hard to use and pose, as you are only able to pick it up somewhere on the bottom of one of the tripod legs.

My request, therefore, is that someone could make an unmounted version, similar to the unmounted miniguns previously released.

Is this doable?

I will try.
Actually, I can do the Model. Give me a link to the model. The texture, I cannot do, Cause Im just cluelss about texturing.
EDIT: There is an unmounted M2 in one of the CS maps. Search for “halftrack” and one of the gibs or something like “Halftrack gun” Is an m2 browning machine gun. You can also get one with a mag or a vehicle mount. Or a quad m2hb.

Here it is. I think the collision model needs to be fixed, though.

Ill get right on it.


Well im basically useless right now, cause Its crashing everything I try to decomp it with. Its like it dosent want me to know its secrets. But, Instead of leaving you hanging, Ill post the M2 model from CS.

Like this?

You win. Post that, Ive been looking for the halftrack gun forever now.

You sir, ARE A WINRAR!

The people of our nation thank you for your act of heroism. We salute you, good sir.

welcome :smiley:

Just wondering, is there anyway to fix the tripod’s collision model? I’ve always wondered why I have to aim 3 feet away to pick it up.

I tried to fix it as well but it broke the model for some reason. I could try it later

Nah, it’s fine. I’d say just get rid of the tripod legs themselves and leave the mount.