An unoccupied blockade

Compare with the original

Well, there’s not much to say.

Very atmospheric. I love the rimlight on that jeep. The fire could create some more light and I wouldn’t mind a bit stronger lights form that van, but that’s not necessary.

Good work!

Yes, I’m sorry about it not emitting any light. I was kinda in a hurry because I was late for an appointment at the gym, this took longer than I expected.

Wow, I’m really diggin the atmosphere, the angle and lighting are pretty cool too.

That is one sexy barrel on fire

Awesome :smiley:
I demand a tut. on that rimlighting.

Great prop-placement, fantastic camera angle and the editing is decent too. Well done.


Sort out your light-source direction though. Some shadows are going in different directions to others, and not always in relation to the sources we can see.

I know, I hate source shadows. I should have disabled them, but again kinda rushed. Sorry about it, I know I should have done it later, but it was my only chance at playing anything this week. So I hope you can overlook it. :3:


Draw a big orange blob around the area you want rim-lighting (Really big, cover the whole area and some more), create a vector mask and pain it all black so it all disappears, and then use a 1px brush with white to make the orange appear exactly where you want it. Then add some outer glow.

It wasn’t really the Source shadows I was looking at. It’s stuff like the fact the shadow on the bag on the van is going in a different direction to everything else.

I love that camera angle

The picture remind of those overview/after battle scenes in films, I like it.

Kick-awesome work right here.

Oh, okay. Will take notice.

This is really good, one of the most original things I’ve seen on FP lately.

How do you make the atmosphere so sexy, nice prop placement and edit.

Wow. I love that headlight effect coming from the van.

Thanks for the comments guys!

Needs more dead people.
Other then that, I like it :3:

Well, at least the mechanic is trying to do his job.

nice lighting and shadowing