An unorthodox suggestion

First of all, G’day, first time poster, long time lurker.


Most of you, by now, would have seen the unusual skybox glitch that leads to strange glowing lights and black spots in the night sky occaisionally while playing rust…

But, have any of you thought about incorporating it into an actual game mechanic?

Imagine this anomaly was some sort of alien/future/space/magic/demonic/superincredible portal (Whatever fantasy takes your fancy) and through it, strange energies can be detected and utilized.

Rust has a lot of “Make do with what you’ve got” gameplay;
We make our clothes from animals, tie a rock to a stick, loot old abanadoned bases for military gear.

The idea of jury rigging some of that spacey energy into some neat high tier weapons could actually fit into the game.
It might be higher yield explosives, or tasers, or energized arrows.
Simple little perks on top of existing weapons, rather than spacey lasers or other nonsense.

If it were to happen, it should flow organically from existing game mechanics, not stand out like a sore thumb.

This is the sort of mechanic that couple happily evolve from unusual bug, to unique and fun game mechanic.
Just picture, a single use, incredibly hard to craft Rust version of “Euclid’s C Finder” seen in fallout new vegas fired straight out of the anomaly.
Sometimes sense can take a back seat for fun.

And please, before you get up at me for realism:
Zombies (Yes, I know they’re placeholders, but anything that replaces them will likely be similarly fantasy)
You go from caveman to kevlar wearing, M4 wielding assasin in less than a day.
eating 400 chicken legs in an hour.
Getting 400 chicken legs form a couple of bears.
Weapon sway (I don’t care what you say, nobody moves their hands like that while holding a weapon, it’s not realistic)

Finally, this suggestion is very poorly worded, a little silly and probably quite controversial, but I’m lacking in sleep. I might re-edit and re-word it tomorrow.

Edit 1:
Adjusted the title, just in case the previous one was too vague, as per the forum FAQ (An edit which doesn’t seem to have worked)

That’s a bug? I thought it was supposed to be Aurora Borealis.

I am highly opposed to “spacey energy”. If “energy” isn’t scientific it’s magic. That’s fine, I’m not against magic fantasies, I loved Skyrim. But it has to be either or. The logic of the game doesn’t hold true of course, wolves just happily standing around near pigs. But at the moment the narrative of the universe does not involve magic. Introduce magical “spacey energy” and you may as well have other magic, and then you may as well have Skyrim online or something.

I kind of like the idea of something like that because it just sounds really really cool, but I wonder how that would destroy the game balance… Maybe have it as a one time event later on in the game or make it not that much more powerful or something like that.

Maybe in the future the game will progress till you can get hover cars, spaceships and the such so the future tech is sectioned off for more advanced players that are, you know, in space.

There’s a fine line here.

You pick at a random rock, you get some ore, you put the ore in a fireplace, it turns into metal suitable for manufacturing high quality weaponry.

That’s already borderline magic.

I do see your point, but it could be easy to explain said energy in a psuedo science manner;
It could be due to radioactive gems which contain large volumes of latent energy.
or it could be huge levels of gamma radiation, or ultra violet light, invisible, but still extremely dangerous.
or it could be technology fallen through time, items designed and devised by the same cavemen using them, but sent back through a rip (perhaps even caused by usage of these weapons).
In that last one, we get to enjoy a paradox;
Cavemen find future weapons and learn how to make them, then those future weapons get sent back in time to teach them how to make them in the first place.

Point is, things can be a little hard to believe without being magic, and I’d like to see this game go in an original direction for a change.