An unsuspecting girl...

Well, I had an idea. I was going to make a gmod series, about a guy (played by me, but, she’s supposed to WONDER who it is) OBSESSED with her. I was going to make it random, and tell her “Hey, I found a youtube series about you!”, since she doesn’t know my alt youtube account. Now, could somebody make a ragdoll of her? I can give some reference pics, but I want you to PM me, and show me some of your other modeling work before i start handing her pictures out like candy (that people fap to). so, if anyones interested…yea…

Way to impress a girl :v:

Thats actually…never mind… :taco: + :ninja: = somone who cant impress a girl. EVER.

…wait a second…you said that…and…ooh, my…now I’m gonna ask her OUT. (i still need the ragdoll for SEX POSES! —>jk<—)

CUT THE BULL SQUID! (get it? you know, bull squid?)


I still want the ragdoll…

I think this is the first time I have ever seen someone this hyper in Facepunch, I hope someone does model it for you, I am happy for you that you are going to ask her out. One thing, calm down… really hyper sounding…

whydoyouthinkisoundhyper? itwasjustabunchofedits!

(yes, it was stupid, and I deserve boxes)

Sounds more like a 12 year old than being hyper, but that’s my opinion.

Provide pictures if you want somebody to make it.

I told you I would, but I really dont wanna post em on the forum, I’ll PM them to whoever wants to make it.

(by the way, hows the combana coming along?)

Wouldn’t she find it more creepy than flattering that someone made a 3-D model of her?

Restraining order

Stalk much? Please tell me that it’s not a real person you’re talking about…

Well, theres more to the story that this. She’s been talking about a custom gmod model for a while, I just think it’d be funny to not tell her about it, then whoever posted above made me think, “i just broke up with my old gf, and I’ve had a little crush on her for a while, so why now”

girls don’t play gmod

I know of girls who do :slight_smile:

This might be good for a less creepy reason than the OP posted.

Yet girls post on FP…weird…:iiam:

PM me a link to a full body picture (nothing nude lol) and ill try to make it :v:


I’m surprised no ones used :stalker: yet, look at me, giving you ideas…

Okay, send the pictures to me and I’ll see what I can do.

That’s pretty creepy.