An untitled Spacebuild map

So, basically I’ve been wanting to make my own Spacebuild map for a few months now, I’ve spent a few days working on a test planet in Source SDK and 3DS Max and I think it turned out rather nicely:

It’s pretty basic at the moment, but I’m hoping to add a ton of features and experiment to make this a truly unique spacebuild map, and although the planet model and it’s textures are placeholders for now, I think they look pretty nice (the cloud layer rotates!)
Although I’m planning on adding tons of fresh ideas, I’ll also be drawing inspiration from previous Spacebuild maps like sb_omen and sb_gooniverse, what do you think?
Comments and suggestions will be appreciated!

Can you give anymore information about what is planned or are you keeping it secret to build up hype?

Rather generic ground texture, might want to spice it up a bit.

Well, I’m planning to add a 3D skybox that’ll use extremely slow model animations to make the map seem like it’s moving through space for one thing.

The skybox is very distracting with that huge amount of stars.

It’s a placeholder for now.

The lighting seems VERY dull at the moment.