An upcoming Garry's Mod Series, featuring Toybox!

Check out this preview/trailer for my upcoming series, Toybox! :smiley:

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The video is also to make more people interested in this feature, and Garry’s Mod! :wink:

Lemme write this while i’m watching, luckily the intro was really short it was just a standard windows movie maker intro but still.

Hide your HUD please, you video will look a lot better, The point where it started to be really bad is the first time you started talking. It seems you attached a camera to a city scanner it looked horrible it’s moving the whole time and it gives me a headache. Oh god it goes on for a full minute.

Okay so after that mistake, good use of music normal talking (maybe consider widescreen?)

My real question is, it seems that you are going to make a video series about reviewing stuff in toybox. It seems good but you need to work a lot on your editing skills especially the camera if i ignore the city scanner that was “cluster-fucking” all over the place you shouldn’t move your mouse around so much all the time it looks unprofessional and weird. Try to upgrade to sonyvegas so you can edit stuff better it’s a easy program to learn.

So yeah this might work out or fail completely.

Thanks for hints.

But, keep in mind, this isn’t any normal Garry’s Mod Series. I’m going to review Toyobx, you got that right, so it will be like a gameplay. The point where I moved my mouse around too much, it’s just a way I play certain games lol xDD

The City Scanner was just a little joke. As you see, in the end of the movie, I use the City Scanner’s camera in the upper left corner, and that’s how I’m going have it on my future episodes. It’s my first Garry’s Mod video, and I know people are used to seeing Gmod movies and videos with a lot of pro editing, but you won’t see the best here in the beginning. It’s my first videos after all. And it’s more gameplay experience than eye-candy, meaning I don’t try to improve people with special effects, I try to show the fun of Toybox in my way of gameplay! :slight_smile:

Anyway, I will get a new computer in a couple of weeks, and series will be launched after that.

Nice to see you take proper criticism instead of take it off as hate! People like you will usually make it far

I like the Combine Scanner thing as the camera, pretty creative