An Update I'm Unaware of?

So I was in singleplayer today and I was just messing around with NPCs today. A few weeks ago after an update, I noticed that whenever I entered singleplayer, my health wasn’t at 100 as it usually always was. Instead it was at 101. I thought it was a glitch and I moved on. A few more weeks later, I went to play singleplayer again. After playing around a bit, I noticed my health was now at 102. I was dumbstruck, but I just assumed it was something Garry had done and I moved on. Today however, when I went into singleplayer and killed a couple of Hunters, something weird happened. When I killed a few Hunters, these particles suddenly appeared in front of me, then i heard what sounded like a beat on a guitar, and then there was a “ding” type of noise. Just then I saw my health go up to 103.

It’s nothing big, but I’m wondering about it. Did Garry add in some sort of level-up system? I haven’t installed any achievement mods or anything of the sort, so what just happened?

You’ve probably downloaded an addon from a server or something without realising.

hhmmm… no updates until today I have noticed, and Garry probably wouldn’t do a level thing in GMOD. maby something happened to your GMOD. try re-installing. Or maby a hacker added files to your GMOD. Just a thought…

yeah ive spawned with 101 health too its not really that big of a deal

It’s zoeys mw2 weapon pack level up system.

Yes I have that installed. Thats cool I guess, although I wish I wouldn’t level when using normal weapons…

Anyway, thanks for telling me.

that too. happend to me a few.

“Can be turned off via levelupperks 0 in console”

That’s on the gmod page, stop that shit.