An Uruk strikes down a Rohirrim on the Deeping Wall

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C&C please and thanks,

Rain looks good, posing is nice, the lightling effect there is abit wierd…

Thanks. I might go and add more … sporks (?) to it if I get enough comments about it.

rant rant rant about lightning.

That is an Uruk-Hai, it is diferent to an ‘Uruk’ which were bred in Mordor and not in Isengard.

Nice picture, but the lightning doesn’t look very good at all, it should be mostly white and rather bright with defined edges whereas yours is like an orange’y bright smudge down the picture :confused:

I like the rain though… :slight_smile:

Different to an Orc.

Lightning needs to be a little blue-ish and needs some outer glow.


Pretty much sums it all.

Not all lightening is blue. Oh and is “YESH! YESH” a compliment or what? I really can’t tell. Lol.

I couldn’t be bothered writing “a Fighting Uruk-Hai warrior” in the title.

I like that you’re trying to go for a more battle oriented pose now with your new models, but I hate how close people keep taking thier pictures…
I take mine from angles, but at least an arms length from it… Like, I feel like I have to back up to see this one, but it doesn’t help.

Posing is meh, and kinda stiff, but I realize that that may be the models, not you. Also, the rain is great.
The colors are also nice. A mixture of gold and blue.

“An Uruk-Hai strikes down a rohirrim”…

I’m a lazy person.

the lightning looks a bit odd. it looks like it’s leaking or something.

Good job! Naw, me wants LotR models D:

Its a compliment, this is what I was waiting for :3:

I don’t know whats with the complaints of the lighting, I say the rain sucks.
It’s just a rain filter * I think * there is no impact the rain isn’t hitting stuff…just magically making it’s way to the ground.
I’ll assume like the few pictures I’ve posted, this was merely a quicky.
For a quicky, good job.

The lighting is badass IMO.

I hate threads where people show off stuff which other people cant get.


Still the posing and rain is good, the thunder bolt looks wierd however, still nice Chest


Editing is cool but the pose looks nearly the same just with an extra model, Yeah lol i know its damn tough posing those but yeah it’s alright.

THERE’S SUCH THING AS RAIN FILTERS!? Lol no I didn’t use a rain filter. It’s a healthy amount of film-grain and motion blur and other things. There are some impacts too… they’re just not as obvious as in my other picture.

Thanks for your comment. Go check out my “Gandalf vs the Balrog” picture if you want to see something that wasn’t a “quicky”! It has barely any comments.

Sorry. I was trying to capture the ferocity, speed and confusion of melee combat… or something. I don’t think having a wide angle would quite do the trick. I almost wanted viewers to not be able to see 100% of what’s going on.

Thanks for your comment on the lighting.

Hmmm, Chesty should have way more artistic ratings!!!
Go go go!