Anaglyph shader/lua code?

Can anyone make an anaglyph shader for gmod/HL:2?

Anaglyph is the thing with those red-cyan glasses.

I know the command pp_stereoscopy but I hate headaches…

That would be really cool can anyone do that?

I have the shader completed, it just doesn’t work in orange box games. When the SDK update comes out I’ll recompile the shader for orange box, and make a post process effect for Garry’s Mod.

Until then, heres a quick source mod I threw together that draws anaglyphs.
Extract to the SourceMods folder.

map d1_trainstation_01

You can change how far your eyes are apart using.



Half-Life 2…

IN 3D! [Insert Metrocop gesturing can at screen, over and over again.]

EPIC! :smiley:
Really cool!

thanks Jinto!

very cool. look forward to using it in Gmod. in fact we might use this for our spacey Gmod planetarium show we’re putting together. if we use it i’ll be sure to give a shout out in the credits. peace!


It’s a very cool mod. Just one problem, green/red? All my glasses are blue/red!

It’s not green, it’s cyan and red.

I’m colorblind.
Anyway, should I get new glasses? :downs:

Noob Question Alert!

Where can I buy these 3d glasses of which you speak?

Can you make it compatble with those gray and slightly darker gray glasses?

No, the grey glasses use polaroid technique, I it works how I thought it did, the game needs to render the current frame twice (left and right eye view), then send it to 2 projectors, that both have a polaroid lens. You should set up the projectors in such a way that they display their screen at exactly the same position. Then it should work (you might need to rotate the polaroid lenses on the projectors to get the 3D effect, best way to do is make left show for example a red screen and right a blue one. Put on the glasses and close your right eye. Turn on the left projector and rotate its lens until you see the maximum of red. Turn off the left projector, and do it all again with your right eye opened and left closed, right projector and blue. When you’re done with that, turn on both projectors and close your right eye again, rotate the lens of the left projector until you’re sure you see the screen as red as possible and not even a bit purple. Again do the same with the other eye and other lens. If you’re done with all that, then everything should be set up perfectly.

(well, that was a crapload of obsolete information :D)

Wow. I like this.

WHEN I DOWNLOAD the thing it doesnt work,

Can I have a mirror?

Err bump… but we need a mirror

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