Anarchy! (3 poses i did)

So instead of making 1 good picture, i decided to make a shitload of shitty ones! :smiley: so at least I made a thread for 3 of my most recent ones, still 3 threads in one night but…




Please C&C! :slight_smile:

The first one I feel like the guy is just like “Burned the FUCK out of that window.”

Someone’s been playing either too much CS:GO or Payday: The Heist…

Yeah I think I’ve been playing too much cs:go :stuck_out_tongue:

Too much chromatic aberration.

Yeah, I just learned how to do chromatic aberration. I guess I’m like most people and overdo it in the beginning… I’ll go easy on it if I ever use it again.

anarchists sure do like their skinny jeans