Anarchy In The Citadel

Listen to the song or I’ll slap your shit (Go to 0:35):

And some bonuses:

Because fuck serious poses.

The real anarchy here is the mismatching skin tones

@Zerax: k.
@Mini: Again, blame the modelmakers.

They seem pretty well off for anarchists.

um no put some effort in

How do you propose I fix something I shouldn’t have to fix?

shouldn’t have to? it makes your pic look shit. it’s only your loss. it’d take like 1 minute to fix too - lasso tool and colour balance and saturation editing. done

I wont fix something I don’t HAVE to fix, simple as that.


maps aren’t very fitting but the scenes and composition are sexeh.

Lighting could be abit more ME stylized, though.

I like the lighting.