Anarchy - Total Freedom.

:siren: I know i have an unhealthy habit of starting gamemodes and not finishing them or finishing them and leaving them on my hard-drive, but hopefully this will be different. :siren:
What is it?

Anarchy is a gamemode that tries to make the player advance, you start off with nothing but an axe, you need to start mining/lumbering/etc to earn materials in which you can build with.

There is also rare ore and technology which will be harder to find or collect, Rare ore is used to build more advanced items/weapons/vehicles and technology is used to allow players to build more technologically advanced vehicles and weapons.

There are no zombies or monsters in Anarchy, you are surviving against nature and other players/player factions. Factions are there for one thing, total domination, if a faction takes control of mining fields and forests all other factions may struggle to survive, Factions can also build there bases and build mechanisms to protect it.

All factions have one goal, to become the most technologically advanced faction in the game.

Everything saves via MySQL, there will be a ranking system implemented for Individual players and factions.

There is a main town where you cannot kill, this is where all players start.

Eventually as time goes on technology will advance to a stage where players will build flying vehicles and other airborne modes of transport and ways to conquer the land. ( Technology will be scarce so it will take a lot of effort to advance into the different stages of civilization. )

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You probably all skipped to this part didn’t you?

Cinematic introduction:

Current Achievements:

Play Anarchy: Play Anarchy for the first time.
Unstoppable: Kill 10 players.
Are you a developer?: Meet a developer in-game.
Dead Man Spawning: Die within 10 seconds of spawning.
Wood Works: Carry 1,000 pieces of wood.
Anti-Social: Leave a faction.
Socialist: Join a faction.
Born Leader: Create your own faction
Rare Excavator: Find a piece of rare ore.
Techno-Geek: Fine a piece of technology.
Heavy Weight: Carry 1,000 pieces of stone.
Engineer: Carry 1,000 pieces of metal.
A-List Asshole: Accumulate over 1,000,000 plastic.

Please suggest more.
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Averice - Coding
Shao - Logo in the intro - Cause it’s awesome.
This also uses an edited BananaVGUI so credits to whoever made that aswell.


**Looking for a mapper with insane skills, add me on Steam!**


**Looking for a mapper with insane skills, add me on Steam!**


**Looking for a mapper with insane skills, add me on Steam!**


Should probably keep the default outline color of the gui. That one just hurts to look at and doesn’t fit with the other at all.

Otherwise it’s looking good.

The GUI colors are changeable in-game, the blue is the default one, there are too many dark/default colored GUI’s around.

This is hot.


Love the eye candy.

Thanks dude.

Also if anyone has suggestions for achievements then don’t be afraid to post them.

// Game play related
Run a mile or kilometer.

// Non game play related.
Say the secret phrase?
Play with a steam friend.
Played with Averice.

Help menu? F1…

Awesome man. Really awesome looking. Here’s a few achievement suggestions…
First Blood - Get your first kill
Shadow - Kill someone from behind
Ultimate - Make it to the last stage
Pwned - Die five times in a row without a kill
Lumberer - Extract 1,000 wood
Miner - Extract 1,000 stone
Mad Scientist - Get 1,000 Tech
Evolutionary Theory - Get to the second stage for the first time
Leader - Establish a faction (if they are establishable)
Follower - Join a faction
Brain Train - Get 100 headshots
J-Walk - Get run over by a friendly player in a vehicle (if possible)
Steam Friendly - Invite five friends
Invincible - Get ten kills in one life
Pyromaniac - Set 10 props on fire
Pyromaniac Attack - Kill ten players with flaming props (if possible)
Hammer Time - Get 10 melee kills

Oh and uh, I know you said no NPCs, but you should take that back slightly. Like… make a recourse called meat, and make rare and fast moving animals? Also maybe vegetable food items? Or maybe just a food recourse in general?

Hope these suggestions helped. I hope this turns out good.

Looks like something I would play.

So is the advancement system like for example: work to make an oil well, get oil, use that for more products to make more stuff?

Sort of like that, except I’m going for long term gameplay, so advancement will be a slow process which encourages teamplay to speed things up.

So Averice, how far are you into this? And do you have a team or are you just working by yourself? (I’m not asking to join, I suck at pretty much everything,Lua Coding, Mapping, Modelling).


Oh, and that link is broken. Oh, and do uuuhh… you get a phys gun to make forts for your faction (if you have the supplies for them)?

Link fixed.

I am about 50% into this, No physgun as this is not derrived from sandbox, Faction bases are premade models and you choose your style of base( Yes models that you can walk into and upstairs and shit )

No i have no team, just me, I can model semi-decently and i can map decently as well as code the whole thing.

Hehe sounds cool need another modeler? I’ve been asking around for awhile but nobody seems to want an ametuer modeler on thier team not like i can blame them…

Somewhat like Farcry 2 with the whole “no-kill town” idea. Sounds awesome.

I will accept mapping and modeling help, i can do it myself but it would greatly improve progress if i had someone dedicated to modeling or mapping on it’s own.

Add me on steam


how about if someone kills someone in the no-kill town, they get a bounty on their head?

You already get a bounty on your head if you kill somebody if you aren’t at war with there faction or if you haven’t accepted a pvp request.


Anarchy Steam Group

This gamemode has potential. Is there some form of test server? It looks interesting.

There is a test server but it is locked at the moment, a lot of stuff isn’t linked yet so if somebody was to just jump on it, it wouldn’t look like much at all.

Just tell me mr.Lau what you want me to model.