Anarchy? What happened to it?

About a year ago there was this cool gamemode that was supposed to come out but It never has. What has happened to it?

More information please, because I dont remember a gamemode called “Anarchy” anywhere.

In summer of 2010 There was this RPGish gamemode that was supposed to be out called Anarchy. Pretty much all I remember currently. It was about the time of Old age was still Old age. It was coming out the same time some medieval gamemode was coming out.

Then apparently this “Anarchy” Gamemode lost popularty to the Medieval gamemode, and died out.
I cant garuntee if this is true, this is only a educated guess based on your information, ill see If I can dig up a gameplay video of it.

EDIT: WTF I cant find it, I only found a similarly named game that is an MMO.

EDIT2: found the thread, apparently it never had any content.

Nope that isn’t it.

Found out that Averice made it.

You’ve asked this before.

It would be nice if Averice finished it, but it seems Anarchy has been put on hold until further notice.

Ah ok. I guess I didn’t remember.