AnarKy US Battlefield TP, Set Home, Groups, Increased Loot

Battlefield PvP action! Wiped on 9/21/14!

TPA, Groups, Set Home. No night, Sleepers, Instant Craft.

Increased loot, frequent Air Drops!

Anything goes, but no cheaters!

Auto Kit (receive it automatically whenever you spawn):
**Kevlar Helmet
Leather Armor
M4 x2
Shotgun x2
Holo Sight x2
Silencer x2
F1 Grenade x2
Large Medkit x10
Wood Barricade x3

Looking for more players.

Active admins call airdrops all the time.

Planning some fun events soon!

Everybody who has hopped on has told me that they love the server, they just wish there were more people to play with.

So please, if you are looking for a fun server with really low ping and great admins, this is the one for you!

There are events being planned as I post this, such as:

Battle Arena w/ special weapons/armor

King of the Hill

Maze Arena Last Man Standing

Hunger Games Bow Fights

…and more to come!

The prizes for winning the events include things like admin powers for a day, ultimate building kits with one hour invincibility, uber bow/hatchet for a day, and many other great prizes!

Airdrops fall from the sky like rain, admins that love to play and give gifts. No hackers or cheaters at all. This is a server built by a player that is sick of all the nonsense found on other servers.

If I don’t get some more traffic soon, I will be forced to shut down the server and that would really bother me. So let’s not allow that to happen!

My ign is AK and if you refer this thread when you see me, I will give you gifts and more airdrops than you can shake a stick at.

Just tell me “Sassafrass” as the secret word of the day.

Oh yeah, my admins are in the process of building raid bases all over the map so that you will have something to do when you join. Raid bases are going to be filled with loot and they are built to resist raiding.