Ancestral Homeland.

After spending generations on the Plains of Boyatell, the nomadic people of the Occultar finally got word from one of the
remaining tribes in their ancestral homelands of Kergia from which they had been driven away from by their sworn enemy, the Ravengarde.
The messenger informed Ytar Bloodbane, the chieftain of the Crimson Hand tribe that the Ravengarde had retreated from the land as they were unable to find
the remains of Kuthanax’s temple. Ytar gathered all the chieftains to unite the nomadic people once and for all and lead them back to their rightful lands.
After a year long exodus, the Occultar people finally reached Kergia and banished the remaining Ravengarde loyalists. In the windswept valleys of Kergia, Ytar built
a refuge for his people, naming it Lorca Rheyn. Finally after generations of displacement the Occultar had found unity and peace… for now.

I like the snow.

A little too dark for my taste,but I like it.