Ancient Civilization

Update Version 2

1080p Version[/thumb]

3840p Version

Hope you all enjoy the additional pictures, and I hope it inspires you to make your own scenebuilds! If you have some questions or would like some tips on making a scenebuild, PM me if you like! Myself and many others are more than happy to help!

Comments and Criticism is much appreciated! :smile:


i’m at a loss for words

you inspire me

Very beautiful and scenic.

Holy shit, that’s one of the best gmod pic i ever seen here.

holy shit

dude this is great and you are great

needs more fhtagn ph’nglui though

It’s just fantastic!

Wow, i’m speechless.

Think I just found my new screensaver.

This is for gmod pics only, not fair to post some next-gen awesome game man…

on a serious note: Fantastic work man, really love it.


That is indeed quite beautiful.

Thanks for all your feedback guys, you guys are great! I’m glad you all liked it. Took me a while to get all the details I wanted crammed in, but I’m happy it turned out well. Check out the 3840p Version, it’s beautiful :’) Anybody want some alternative angles on the scenebuild and/or the scenebuild itself?

Any other comments? :smile:

how much did you edit this?

Sad to say i used a green screen for the entire background… Haha jk jk, only things I edited was the water, sun, and a shit load of touch ups on pretty much every surface :o

On a side note, gonna upload the original, some other angles, and fix the HD version later!

New content is finally up! Including a WORKING and SEXY 3840p Version, the Original, some pretty lame Alternative angles, and pics of the scenebuild itself. Hopefully it gives you some idea’s and/or inspires you to make your own :v:

What do you gents think?

Sounds like a great idea.

Also, may I ask what prop packs you used to make this?

wow some nice subtle editing there

You may not…

But here it is anyways! :stuck_out_tongue: My scene here is 90% built from the props in the thread below. Everything you really need is in there! Good luck! :smiley: