Ancient Pompeiian Villa: Finished

Author- Kurt Fitzgerald

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I made this for my Latin 1 class, I was given an open ended project that must relate to ancient Pompeii or Rome in some way.
I chose to remake one of the conventional layouts for Villas common in the ancient Roman Empire .

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The lighting is perfect

Looks nice, hope you get a good grade on it :slight_smile:

Wait, there’s already a map exactly like this. I mean, it’s older looking. Did you make that? The description said it was made for a class but I can’t find the video.

Can you re-link the video?

EDIT: Never mind, I got it working.

Great! Hmm… In that room where the light comes in through the centre of the ceiling, try perhaps increasing the $reflectivity of the floor material?
…Now for the post-apoc version! >:D

Oh, God, you even put the Cave Canem.

I love you.

it would just require him to cover it completely in ash and mud.

It looks nice, right amount of detail, fits the theme and the lighting is near to perfection.

Hey, I saw this on Toybox.
Pretty nice.
The only thing that could make it better…

  • Windchimes. *

Wait, hold on, don’t just ignore me. Did you make the original? Because there’s a map exactly like this that I saw on Youtube a couple of months ago.

If you mean this. Than yes and I also made it.

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I never uploaded this to toybox and if someone did it without my permission I want it taken down.

Oh wait, never mind, I found it. Is this what you were talking about? I didn’t actually know about that until you said.

That’s the one I was talking about.

Happy to clear up the confusion.

Ahh, you must study from the Cambridge book.

Nah, I was inspired when I went to the Pompeii disaster exhibit at the Boston Science museum for a field trip with my Latin 1 class. I did all of the research on the internet.

I haven’t seen what you’re basing this on, so I don’t really know, but the last pictures supports seem rather small, given what they’re supporting.

Made this over one weekend, so not much thought went into it, but overall it’s loosely based on this.