Ancient Relic of a Forgotten World

Constructive criticism please.

Why is ROB there

I really love the concept you’ve got here, but it could’ve been executed better. You should experiment with lighting, and try to use characters that make more sense.

You’ve definitely got some natural talent, keep practicing and you could get really good at this!

I think the problem is there isn’t anything perceivable here. This means other than the perhaps ruined buildings, not much can be understood or related to, both visually and contextually (in my personal opinion). For example, visually speaking, I am having trouble perceiving that monster (is it a monster? I’m not even sure, is it a statue, or what? see, that’s what I’m saying) due to its angle, positioning in relation to the camera, its textures or lighting. Contextually speaking I have absolutely no clue what these characters are, what exactly it is they are doing, etc.

by ‘understanding’ an image I mean looking at it and saying ‘oh, that’s a rock. And that’s a monster, and that’s a robot’

making an image perceivable is important because it allows the viewer to understand and therefore relate to it and like it accordingly

I would tone up lighting contrast, raise the camera a little bit so it’s further away from the ground, (unless you want to be putting extra work on it to make it more “perceivable”) and get rid of the DOF or tone it down slightly, and even provide more context such as an expanded title or a description

I was going for a futuristic team. That’s why there’s Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and the player-character from Talos Principle.

Thank you. Lighting showing the monster? I’ve played around with lighting before but I’m pretty bad at it.

I had the camera low to make “whoa it’s big” factor better. You’re right, when I opened the map and saw it and I was like holy shit why is an NPC in here. Thank you for your words.