Ancients 28Feb|PvP|SLP|AD@20|DS|NoDURA

Ancients 28Feb|PvP|SLP|AD@20|DS|NoDURA

Just opened this server. Press F1 in game and type this into console and hit enter to join the server:

Lately I have noticed many servers and the game itself are handicapping and becoming a Nanny-Game. So I have decided to start a server with little restrictions as possible.

This is PVP. I hate hearing people complain. Get over it. We do not care if you have a prejudice against nudists…Kill/Raid whoever you want. There is no safe zone.

Sleepers are on. So be sure to either conceal yourself or log off while indoors.
Airdrops are set at 20 but can change depending on you, the players.
No items have been modified, No drop rates have been changed.
Door Sharing is on, I know how annoying Door Codes can be.
No Durability. I understand you already have enough on your plate, so have no worries about repairing shit every 10 minutes.
No Locked Back Packs. I don’t have enough time to explain how stupid this is.

Currently there is no clan based in this server…yet…I’m anxious to see who becomes the superpower on this server

You have absolutely no need to worry about Admin abuse.

I am a very active Admin, however I do have Admin slots available. I hope to one day have round the clock admins

I am available through steam 24/7