"And at the End of Fear..."



I wanted to capture a nightmarish, hellish world that Scarecrow has pulled you into. And of course, no nightmare is complete without the skeletal corpse lurking in the flames. She’s in everyone’s nightmares. :smiley:

I really need to start doing more edits myself, but damn; Manest did such a sexy job on this that I don’t care! Credit to him!

Be nice to see the face a bit more, but I digress, sexy editing and all around good job on first glance.

The original pic has more of the face showing, but I liked how Manest edited his eyes. Thanks though! :smiley:

Damn that is nice.

Finishing the title… “and at the End of Fear… Oblivion.”

Too much fire and not enough dark IMO.

Where can i get the scarecrow model? D:

Meh if i darken it anymore you couldn’t see anything and it hurt my eyes.

http://s-low.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=391 <-- scarecrow

Kickin’ rad model.

Transition between red and blue colouration at the bottom of the picture is a little sudden.

Sweet. Awesome. Hot. Kinky. Sexy… oh shit… eh, never mind the last ones >_>

Heheh, thanks!:smiley: And thanks to everyone else for their comments too.

Scarecrow is awesome, he looks like a steampunk.

Anyway, nice job.

Hello new wallpaper. Can’t wait for that model pack, Urbanator. It’s gonna be fuckin’ biblical.

Model pack? Are you referring to Luigi’s models that he’s working on at the min?
But I agree, when we get more of em, it will be gooood.