"And for the final slice...." A terrorist finishing a cop.

I don’t feel like posting this alone, so…



Okay, what the actual fuck. I’ve seen some depravity in this forum, but this isn’t even sexual in nature. This is just fucked up.

Need editing. Pretty good posing I guess.

No worse then that picture of Rochelle about to get her throat slit…And to everyone, I mean no disrespect to police. I originally wasn’t going to add the hat but I thought making it the cop would add more of a twist.

And if it’s that offensive IE more then 3 complaints, I’ll remove it and ask uber for a lock.

Why would anyone on this forum complain about someone killing a cop.

I see it as “terrorist in a suit, with a sex slave”.
Then some old guy looking up at the ceiling.

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:smiley: awesome movie

The first one really isn’t too great. It’s really empty, the posing is stiff, the robber looks like he’s tipping over, and the cuts just look painted over him and are too bright.

Rated optimistic.