AND HE AIN'T GONNA JUMP NO MORE! - A gory discovery on the morning of D-Day

Obligatory thread music you should listen to not because it sets the mood, but because it owns and was the inspiration for this:

If you want the lyrics to the song so you, too, can make your neighbours suspect you’re insane by belting it out at full volume, click through on the video and expand the description.

Really nice.

Sniff Beautiful…
Dammit where is that crying eagle emote?!


Looks pretty nice. I like the angle and colors, and the overall look of the picture. The blood on the blade of grass is a great touch. The medic’s posing seems a bit off to me, but not bad. Overall awesome shot Rossum, keep it up!

Boomer steak. lol.
Good picture :slight_smile:

looks pretty sperg, man.

you know me, i sperg

Did his parachute get shot up or it didn’t deploy?

Awesome Picture, I especially like the two Hurricanes in the background.

Didn’t deploy. As the song goes, his static line unhooked from the aircraft so the main didn’t open, then the reserve got tangled.

Those are Spits by the way, Mk. IXs. By early-mid 1941 the Hurri had been relegated to ground attack (which it excelled at) because it couldn’t keep up development-wise with the 109. The Spit could.

I like this song, however not this version. My sister, who’s married to a sergeant in the 82nd airborne, sent me a CD full of US military songs, including a much better version of this one. If I can find the CD I’ll get the song for you :v:

Great pose, nice editing!

That would be awesome brosef

Idk somehow i keep staring at the face of the guy who looks like he’s blowing something, something about his face makes him outta it’s probably just the model place idk what, two varbeques and then chicken flatered lever must not contemption of this what

He’s meant to be all ‘hooo man that’s gotta hurt’ but the eyelids won’t move for some reason so his face looks kinda odd :smith:

He’s staring into his soul with those eyebrows 0-O-o-.-o-O-0

I like color tone.

Great picture. Nice use of detail…good background

I’ve always loved this song, I saw it in the thread title and I instantly clicked. You did the song justice. Really nice job here.

could ya gimme the airborne models?

The music is absolute fantastic, I’ve always loved this tune.

Great screenshot, Rossmum.