And I belive...

Oh lord forgive me for the many arms that are broken in this picture.

my interpretation is that the white guy has come to somalia to try and make peace in the name of the lord and the gold-plated black guy has ripped his shoulder out of his socket to show him who’s boss

am i on the right track?

That works.

But with more Mormon references.

all black guys carry AK-47s

no exceptions

I forgot that BoM’s are now blocks of wood with a cross. Why not actually get a reference next time?

why does it matter

Couldn’t find a suiting book model.

I haven’t read the text, so my first thought was that it’s an alternate ending of the “Book of Eli” and you simply couldn’t find a better model of Gary Oldman and washington… :rolleyes:

I wonder how many people here will get that reference. BoM’s already dead to me. Died faster than Avenue Q.

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Awesome pic, though, other than the borked arms.

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Oh shit, didn’t realize you already posted it. I’m idiot, rate boxes.

And I believe, that what doesn’t kill you simply makes you…


Dem muscle’s on teh black man.