And I have kissed the sky



You can’t read them because their resized, media tag the images, or post a link to a bigger version.

Or you could just right-click and choose “View image”. That works.

I really liked it. Posing is good, I like the camera angles. The story is awesome. I gave you an Artistic.

I haven’t read something that touching since years…
You deserve a million of artistics

Very nice work. I liked it. Well worked out dialog.

I wish I could rate you legendary D:.

SAME. That comic is darn good, every line from it was very touching.

It needs a thread music!

How about this?

Bravo sir, this is a masterpiece, pure and simple.

Beautiful comic, have some wood.

Wow, this is pretty damn awesome, touching too!
Rated artistic.

Good work my good man, a really excellent read.

A great read, it’s good to see these kind of comics still exist.

This is infinitely better than all of the 30-second cheap laugh comics being spewed out these days.

Great job.

Holy shit!

I gotta say I’m very glad I got such huge response, I was a bit nervous posting this cause I wasn’t sure people would get it, much less like it. Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

damn, that was really good.

Absolutely amazing.