And just when I thought hammer was running out of surprises .

I was messing around with my ships trying to improve performance, I expected the ship to look like normal
But instead I got this

The breakable brushes are parented to a model, I’ve never done this before so I have no idea what just happened. I posted this for people to see but if you have any insight that would be nice too.

Don’t make the boat out of brushes? Anyways thats weird I guess.

Something similar happened to me when I was using vertex tool.

did you rotate, mirror or align the ship? (or the moddel that is parented to the ship)

are you using individual func_tracktrain?
seriously, vertex errors, fix em

What? No the ships were fine until I parented parts to the model. No vertex mistakes exist. No I’m not using func_tracktrain. All of the pieces just decided to rotate 90 degrees once they were parented to a the model.

As for improving performance I’m not entirely sure models will help. I mean performance of the server. If the server isn’t fast enough then players fall though the ships. From what I’m told models would actually cause that to happen more often. I’m trying to find ways to simplify what the server has to process so that it can focus on what really matters, keeping players from falling though the ships.