And Justice For All. (James Hetfield on guitar)

mandatory thread music

I like the picture, and the model :smiley:

It’s …And Justice For All :mad:

But yes, nice model.

He doesn’t look like Hetfield that much.

I see some likeness.

Hmmmm, yes. But the moustache should be more… thick? fat? big? dark? What’s the right word?

I was expecting the model from guitar Hero. To be honest, this one looks like total crap :’)

It should go down to his chin, and the hair should be a bit longer


And, as a guitar player, I’d suggest posing his right hand a bit lower, so the hand is above or on the bridge

The guitar needs “EET. FUK.” on it.

The guitar is incredibly impossible to reskin.


It is, lol

That guitar is in desperate need of some strings.
Maybe an amp cable, nice hand posing.

This model makes me lol

tried to make a hetfield model, and failed

I wish so bad that we could port from consoles right now.


Widdly widdly weoeoowow

His hair looks weird.

I’d rather have a Matt Barlow model.

a who what

nice pic, but need shading

Matt Barlooooow!

Singer dude

Shoulda used a Diff map or backround