and not (and) or - Lua questions

Just wan’t to know if all these are the same
local Equal = true
//my question for the day.
and the same as &&
or the same as ||
!Equal the same as not Equal
!CLIENT the same as SERVER

<snip im retarded/>

Ah ok
I guess just don’t use !SERVER or !CLIENT
thanks anyway

What? SERVER is true when running on the server. !true == false and !false == true, thus SERVER == !CLIENT

What I was thinking.
I’m not sure if they are the same though I’m certain they should be.
I might put it to the test sometime.
But I guess it’s best just to use CLIENT and SERVER instead of !SERVER and !CLIENT

Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking, I’m really tired, long day. For some reason I thought they were enumerations but then that wouldn’t make sense. My fault

They are, but you really shouldn’t use it because it’s useless to use !CLIENT when SERVER is available; just more verbose