And so, with the beginning of this new era, we migrated.

Yes, they’re getting some fuel for their car. My photoshopping skills have gone down the sink so hard I’m just gonna stop trying. I used to be good, I’m shit now, time to keep pushing Gmod’s ingame mechanics to its limits.

lol fakefactory

They still look better than the stock ones

How ironic you made the fakefactory pack I’m using.

they still look silly though

Case in point guy on the right

only a few of them looked good enough to use, I only uploaded all of them to be nice.

That black dude’s face is ridiculous.


“And they found a new home with their leader, Bruce Willis”

God damnit man. My mind goes faster than my fingers.

(To support that statement: I almost wrote “My mind goes fingers than my faster”)

This picture is just… flawed.

Bloom and contrast are excessive (especially on the faces of the two guys on the left)
Pink car stands out and detracts attention too much
Background looks like the world is made of jpeg artifacts
Dude on the left’s faceposing looks odd but this is probably because his face looks like it is combusting from the bloom and contrast
The jean and vest textures are stupid.

One or two of these faults wouldn’t have ruined a picture but there’s just so many things combining to be really unappealing in this image that it just ends up mediocre. I’ve seen you do a lot better.