"And that was the end of my world."




Felt like giving them a thread.

Use Super DoF instead of simple DoF.

Tried - everything crashed.

Then just don’t use simple DoF.

I don’t see the problem of using simple DoF, at all.

It’s not like it screws up the image.

It does screw up the image

Doesn’t really see so for me. I used it for the purpose of concerntrating on the main scene.

Anyways, still, what about the posing?

It looks absolutely hideous.

You guys are way to picky. I mean, I’ve seen better, but this is far from hideous. At least the guy tried.

The last pic, guys neck is weird, o.o, as in the black guy “No Racism Intended”

Oh, I forgot. It’s okay if something looks bad, as long as they tried. We should just tell them it’s nice to avoid hurting them because every person is a unique, precious snowflake. :rolleye:

Aside from which, I was saying simple DoF looks hideous, not the entire picture (although they are all bloomy and oversaturated as hell).

fuck criticism

fight the power!!1 together garrysmod we can do this

Did you have multi-core rendering turned on? If so, turn it off. For some reason it makes GMod crash if you have it on and try using Super DoF.

Well, I gave it a try again - it has this weird thing of blurring everything in front of the image, not the back.

have you made tried manually adjusting the DoF distance?

also, a screenie might help