"...And they called him Cannonball."

I will, most likely, be unable to do any Gmod pictures over the weekend. So, I am posting this shits and giggles shot of CANNONBALL: The First Volus Spectre.


Do something with people that are more dead. I hate Mass Effect.

Desaturation and white don’t really fit Mass Effect. Your editing is getting really repetitive.


I hate zombies.

Go away.

Lol. friggin epic.

you must respect meine meinung

I dont speak your foreign languages foreigner.

oh god it’s mass effect picture is instantly terrible :downs:

Seriously, shut the fuck up and judge the picture for the actual picture.

It’s really not funny anymore.

Im just saying that I liked his L4D pictures much more.

please go act like an artist somewhere else

He can pose what he wants, you don’t like Mass Effect shit? Just don’t look at it.

Or look at it and just go away, it makes you look like an idiot, Combine.

Mass effect is the best game ever!

I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s pretty fucking awesome. Nice as always Ben.

I don’t have doubts about you liking anything remotely related to L4D.


I await the return of Cannonball!

Combine, your L4D joke got real unfunny WEEKS ago.

Guess why Im still making it.

Because your a troll?

because you think your better?

Wow. The word ‘your’ used incorrectly two posts in a row.

I must say, I was hoping to see a volus being launched out of a cannon.