And this pretty much explains Battlefield 3...

I finally got the Homefront Models,

Anyways i hope you all like this.

Posing seems to be good, i’m not a fan of the SDOF nor the explosion effect. Angle seems to be okay as well.

I don’t really see how this explains the beginning and abrupt ending of World war 3

Not enough lens flare, bloom, and color correction to be an accurate representation of BF3.

I find this more representative of Bluefield 3
Oh, and the posing is good I say, but that SDOF needs a bit of turning down.

I used Adobe After Effects CS6 to edit it. Do you all think its better?

The default HL2 explosion makes the whole composition ugly.
Lens flares can’t help it.

i probably shouldn’t have edited the one with the lens flares and camera dust already in place but fuck it, this is BF3

I have no clue how to get different explosions.

yea it’s pretty hard if you don’t know how to edit them in. Source explosions are shitty by default

VMan released enhanced explosion particles on some time ago but they only work with RPGs, grenades and SLAMs

Than what is the point if i can’t use it as the splode.mdl? or whatever file it was.

because the splode.mdl is ugly, like, ugly beyond human imagination, and it doesn’t matter what kind of scene you come up with, that piece of low-poly low-res shit is going to ruin it

that’s what

I am talking about a different explosion as the splode.mdl,

eh, i’m not sure if i understand

The splode.mdl is just a still from the explosion from the ending of Half Life 2. If there was a better still of a better explosion effect than scene posing would be nicer with it.

it’s not a still from the explosion, it IS it, the explosion at the end is nothing but an animated model (and it still looks like fucking shit) and the idle animation of the .mdl is set to the end of the explosion animation

No they don’t, not even sightly.

…Yes, they do. Go play the Campaign and look at the marines in it.

Looks no where close to this:

“…Yes, they do. Go play the Campaign and look at the marines in it.” The Soldiers from Homefront have a dessert skin for your information. And i am not going any further in this, i will not fight over what a Marine looks like.